This is a rare opportunity to greatly enhance your quartet playing skills under the guidance of one of the most successful string quartet violinists in the world today.


Up to five string quartets can participate in this unique seminar taught by Sibbi Bernhardsson, violin professor at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music and former member of the world-renowned Pacifica String Quartet. Students may apply individually or as a pre-formed ensemble.

Daily Schedule

  • 5 hour daily quartet rehearsal
  • 90 minutes daily master class
  • 60 minutes daily coaching
  • 1 hour daily individual practise

Participants will rehearse for several hours every day and receive both a coaching and a masterclass. The course concludes with a concert in Harpa. Each group will introduce and perform one or more movements of the piece that has been studied.


Course fee:  ISK 48.000 

Last day to submit applications is March 31st.

If the student also participates in the Senior Division, we offer a 30% discount, making the total course fee ISK 86.000. 
A nonrefundable deposit of ISK 20.000 is required. All applicants will receive a reply within 2 weeks of submitting their applications.




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